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Women: Get Financial Planning Help So You Can ‘Have it All’

Clarity Financial Planning advises all women to take care of themselves and their financial well being, no matter who else they have to care for. We have discussed financial planning for women in light of the fact that some women are paid less than their male counterparts and the fact that many women will leave jobs or work less to concentrate on raising families. That often asked question about whether or not women can ‘have it all’ was front and center in a national conversation when the CEO of Yahoo! announced her pregnancy.

The issue of how to take good care of yourself and the people most important to you is not just a matter for working mothers; many women, whether they have children or not, put their energy into others and later realize that they have neglected themselves. 

Recently, Forbes magazine offered “3 Success Lessons from Top Women in Finance and Tech,” and we want to examine some of that advice in the light of finances.

Accept help.” You are very capable: you can pay your own bills and keep up with account balances, but are you prepared to make the kind of investments that will pay off when it is time to retire? There is nothing wrong with a “can do” approach to life but we all have our limits. A Fee-Only financial planner can help you keep your finances on track while you are helping everyone else in your life.

Integrate your career with your life – it’s no either/or.” Sometimes the discussions about women and work oversimplify matters, making women feel that have to choose to work or choose to be mothers/caretakers, when really, there are more than two options. One of the women Forbes interviewed worked part-time while forming a family; they other made the gutsy move of starting her own investment firm to accommodate her family.

If you feel stuck, seek help and remember that you are not limited or required to make sacrifices that may prove costly later. Claire Emory of Clarity Financial Planning is dedicated to helping people, and women especially, take care of themselves and the people they love.