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Willingness to Discuss Money May Lead to Greater Attraction For Couples

old_coupleAs we get closer to Valentine’s Day, you have likely heard statistics on how much people will spend, the kinds of things they will buy, and how you can save money on gifts. What you may not have heard is this bit of information from

“A 2014 survey of married couples by the consumer services division of the credit bureau Experian found that 73% of women and 60% of men say they found their spouse more attractive when he or she was willing to talk about personal finances.”

You may have heard the idea that money is one of the things couples fight about most. We cannot say what exactly leads to fights about money but perhaps some of these arguments begin because one half of a couple does not want to discuss money while the other half does.

If you prefer not to discuss money:

  • Consider what is keeping you from being open with your spouse about money. Is it fear?
  • What can your spouse do to make it easier to discuss money?
  • Does knowing that a willingness to discuss money might make you more attractive inspire you to make more of an effort?

If your partner is reluctant to discuss money:

  • Do you have any idea why your spouse won’t discuss money?
  • Is it possible that you try to discuss finances at inopportune times?
  • What can you do to alleviate some of the tension that may not exist when the topic of money comes up?

If money is something you and your significant other avoid discussing or argue about it will not be easy but if you are committed to making an effort, you may find that your financial outlook and your partnership will benefit. As we have observed, financial planning can keep your romance alive.

While mentions setting up money dates so you both know from the start that there will be a discussion of money, we aren’t sure if you will want to take them up on their suggestion to make Valentine’s Day the date of your first financial planning session.