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When Wedding Invitations Threaten Your Budget and Relationships

MP900341740Can wedding invitations threaten your budget and your relationships? In “The high price of friendship,” an advice columnist counseled people who wrote her regarding decisions about attending weddings. Perhaps you too have a pile of event invites and are not sure if you can or should attend each event. The people who wrote for advice indicated that with unlimited funds there would be no dilemma but in trying to stay on budget, there are tough decisions to make about attending a wedding.

One writer is trying to decide if it is worth it to attend two weddings back-to-back when it is not clear that it would make financial sense and the writer is not sure he or she even wants to attend both.

Someone on the other side of such a scenario wrote in with resentment over a relative’s decision not to attend a family wedding because she has a budget and is building a house. The writer felt rebuffed because even after offering to cover about half of the costs, the relative still won’t attend.

Weddings and other major life events bring out a lot of emotions, so deciding whether or not to attend may boil down to finances but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be hurt feelings. The columnist advised the first writer to consider the value of the friendships when deciding if both weddings are affordable:

“If you can’t pay bills, then, okay, stay home. Otherwise consider that investing in this moment will carry you further than the cash ever would.”

And she informed the offended relative that we really can’t decide how others should spend their money. Even if we think we know what someone else can afford, we really don’t know.

In a previous post on financial planning tips for wedding guests, we noted that it is easy for celebrations to throw you off budget and leave you wondering just how you managed to spend so much money. Often the costs between being a wedding guest and being a wedding attendant are not that different.

Wedding invitations don’t have to threaten your budget and your relationships. However, as the columnist points out, there is something to be said for investing in relationships. Only you really know when it is worth it. We do advise that you be prepared to make some other sacrifices or forgo some of the ways you would normally treat yourself if you think attending a wedding will be costly.