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Web Security and Financial Planning

Eye on Flat Panel MonitorLapses in web security may put your financial planning in jeopardy if you fall prey to the Heartbleed bug or a computer virus. In “What You Need to Know About HeartBleed, A Really Major Bug That Short-Circuits Web Security,” describes Heartbleed as a bug that went undetected for two years that “may have left roughly two-thirds of the Web vulnerable to eavesdropping for the past two years.”

It has been nearly two weeks since the public was notified about Heartbleed and in reviewing what it called “Heartbleed Aftershock”, stated, “It’s not enough for companies to simply patch the copy of OpenSSL — the software at the root of the Heartbleed bug. Companies must also revoke and reissue digital certificates for their Heartbleed-vulnerable sites.”

Once you have changed your passwords on sites that verify they have completed the necessary patches—what’s next?

You may not have the ability to guarantee that all of your online interactions remain completely safe but you do not need to live in fear. Some cybercriminals are more sophisticated than others and you can certainly find ways to block the online thieves that look for low-hanging fruit:

  • Keep up with current events so you are aware of cyber attacks.
  • Research the security of the sites where you provide confidential information.
  • Change your passwords at regular intervals.
  • Use virus protection software on your computer.
  • Think carefully about the information you share online and on social media.

Another thing to consider is that old adage about not putting all of your eggs in one basket.  Financial planners advise their clients to diversify investments to allow for more opportunities for growth and this principle can be applied to your finances overall. You can also turn to a Fee-Only financial planner for help with deciding just how to diversify your assets.

While you don’t want to keep your money in so many places that you find it difficult to keep track of it, you also don’t necessarily want to keep everything in one account or under your mattress.