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Use Internet Saving Memes to Save the Old-Fashioned Way

Perhaps you have seen memes online like the one pictured here and thought that this was something you should do. It may seem old-fashioned but whether you manually set aside the money each week or schedule automatic deductions, these memes are on the right track to get people to save.

Many of us intend to save and don’t get around to it. Memes like this break down a savings plan into manageable steps. In eras past, people would join savings clubs at credit unions or put aside money in conjunction with their friends so they could cheer each other on.

Plans that outline a certain amount to save each week or each month or some other interval of time make it easier to save because you can see the savings add up over time. These plans give you a long-term goal (the savings at the end of the year) and an more immediate short-term goal (seeing how these small amounts add up week after week).

A article on the psychology of saving money notes,

By creating milestones, you create significance in what you are doing, which is constantly being reinforced. This will help to make the pleasure of saving last longer, and help to stave off any feelings antithetical to your saving goals.”

The memes you see online serve as inspiration but you need to take that inspiration and move it into real life. A lot of us need a blueprint but you don’t have to follow them exactly. You can come up with your own savings plan.

Investing and financial planning are important but the lack of savings that are readily available should you need them can derail your long-term financial planning. If you don’t already have emergency savings, this can be the year that you make sure you have that financial cushion there.