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The Connection Between Voting and Financial Planning

Do you live in an area where you now have to pay 5 cents for a plastic bag at the grocery store? Are you concerned about property taxes? Have roads filled with potholes led to costly car repairs? These issues and many more are connected to who is in government.

Today is National Voter Registration Day and you might think that voting has nothing to do with financial planning, but it does. The people you vote for on a local, state, and national level have a say in how your tax dollars are spent. They also have a lot of influence on your neighborhood and how you live. And in some areas, voters themselves can vote for referendums that direct how money is spent and if certain public works come to fruition. 

Here are some issues to consider if you wonder whether voting is worth the effort:

Local level

  • Municipality (county, city, etc.) taxes
  • Property values
  • Bus service 
  • Road conditions
  • Attracting new industries
  • Local referendums on spending 
  • Opening/closing schools

State level

  • State taxes
  • State highways
  • Regulating industries
  • Statewide education policies
  • Laws about financial crimes, such as fraud

National level

  • Federal taxes
  • National debt
  • Operating federal agencies
  • Laws about financial crimes, such as fraud
  • Declarations of war
  • Appointing federal judges
  • International trade agreements
  • Federal holidays

The brief list of issues includes matters that pertain to all three branches of government. Voters can elect people who serve in the executive branch (Presidents, Governors, Mayors), the legislative branch (Congress, town councils), and in some cases those who serve in the judicial branch (judges).

Sometimes there is a focus on national elections and people  may forget that local elected officials can work to improve things as well. Once you are registered to vote, make sure you vote in elections at all levels. The people in office not only affect what happens to your taxes; they can alter your daily cost of living.