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The Connection Between Gratitude and Financial Planning

World Gratitude Day, September 21, is coming up later this week. And while Thanksgiving is the usual time we set aside to celebrate what we are thankful for, there is nothing wrong with finding more time to be grateful. No matter how you spend Thanksgiving, the fact that it is a designated time to be grateful while you may also possibly spend money on travel or a big meal, means that you may find your thoughts of gratitude drowned out by society or family expectations.

You may think that gratitude has nothing to do with financial planning but think again. When you visit a financial planner for advice and strategy you are not simply trying to get more. You have to use what you already have to find a way to ensure a financial future for you and your loved ones. But what happens if you don’t really know what you have? You may be so set on finding ways to get more that you could lose sight of the wealth you actually possess.

In “How An Attitude of Gratitude Can Help Your Finances, discusses how gratitude can foster “patience when making financial decisions” because feeling grateful can prevent you from trying to make yourself feel better with unnecessary purchases. Instead, it may lead you to save up for certain purchases.

The article also talks about how once people reach a certain income level, they find new purchases to be less thrilling. If your basic needs are covered and you have extra funds to get some of the things you want, you won’t get as excited about buying new things–

“Spending extra money won’t make you happy—and it can put your financial future at risk. Instead, look for ways to feel good about what you already have by developing an attitude of gratitude.”

Clarity Financial Planning is a champion of holistic financial decision making and financial planning. We know that the numbers matter and that how you think and feel about your lifestyle and financial goals matters too.