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Clarity Financial Planning Services is an advocate for your financial future who takes a holistic approach to your needs and goals.

Stop Worrying and Strategize with a Fee-Only Financial Planner

Stressed Over MoneyWith an unsteady economy, you may be worried about your financial future and find it hard to adopt the ‘attitude of gratitude’ we hear so much about this time of year. Yes, you can do your best and things may still not turn out as you hope, but adopting sound financial practices means that a) in general you stand to gain from being financially responsible and b) you will be able to regroup from unexpected losses.

By focusing on what you can control and working with a Fee-Only financial planner, you can concentrate on protecting your assets and working towards the future you deserve. Your needs come first when you work with Clarity Financial Planning, and you can expect unbiased advice on all aspects of your financial situation, an advisor who pays attention to all aspects of your financial life, has excellent communication skills, and has the commitment to be available when you need advice and support.

Saving: Having money to act as cushion in case of the unexpected and also saving for short and long term goals can help alleviate financial anxiety. A Fee-Only Financial Planner can help you develop a strategy that works for your situation. For example, some might benefit from using a Roth IRA for retirement and emergency savings, while others would do better to separate their emergency savings from their retirement funds.

Spending: A Fee-Only Financial Planner can help you see how your spending (be it the daily expenses that add up or splurging on big-ticket items) is furthering or hampering your overall financial goals.

Sound Investments: Some people panic at the thought of any investment that does not continuously earn more while others are too nervous to even start investing. Fee-Only Financial Planners work to stay up-to-date on investment strategy to advise their clients. The fact that they are not beholden to a firm means they do not try to sell you on certain products to make a commission.