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Retirement Planning and Living Standards for Seniors

Happy Senior CoupleCareful retirement planning will help you to have resources when you stop working but it can be hard to add to your retirement funds if age discrimination in the workplace is ignored. And your resources can be quickly used up if medical benefits for older Americans are eroded. In some cases, you may find that being financially responsible isn’t enough. You need to be aware of how changes in the culture as a whole can affect your individual retirement outlook. And at some point you may even decide to take action.

Surely you have heard some variation of the saying that ‘old age isn’t for sissies’ and it really isn’t. Also, protesting isn’t just for the young: in fact, according to a New York Times article about living standards for seniors, “several social scientists say deteriorating conditions for retirees and older Americans in general — intensifying fear about retirement security, age discrimination, increasing poverty among the elderly and new threats to cut programs for seniors — could be the impetus for what some are calling a “silver revolution.”

Those who protest laws, price increases, and public policies are doing what they can collectively to better their own lives and the lives of others. And some of those seniors who are protesting are able to do so because they are not in desperate need of funds. The article opens with a story about a Boston woman who does not use paratransit herself but was willing to fight (and get arrested) to keep the prices down for others because she believes that seniors should not lead limited lives and “that older adults must aggressively fight for their rights.”

Good retirement planning will not only benefit you and your family; it can also free you to have an impact on your community as a whole. A Fee-Only financial planner can help you with strategy to set aside enough for a comfortable retirement.