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Reach the Financial Goals You Set for the New Year

MP900387745Will you reach the financial goals you set for the New Year? Sure, we have not even finished the first month of the New Year but if you are already dissatisfied with your progress, you might need to do something differently. Whether it was the switch from the holiday season, changes in the weather, or the reality that your financial goals are going to require more effort than you thought, you may need to build more momentum to keep going.

In an article for The Motley Fool website, finance columnist Morgan Housel wrote:

The most powerful trick is learning how to change your mind. But it’s so hard. The resistance to admitting past efforts were wrong keeps people making poor decisions for longer than they need to.

You can get great financial planning advice but if you don’t take it because changing course reminds you that some of your previous money management decisions were not misguided, you may find it difficult to reach your financial goals. Even when we don’t have to tell anyone else we were wrong, we may find it difficult to even admit our missteps to ourselves.

This is where a Fee-Only financial planner may be able to help you set a course to reach your financial goals. On your own, you may be able to figure out if your finances are in good shape or not. You may even be able to come up with a strategy for saving or investing that works for you. But sometimes, you still need another person to keep you accountable. It is also useful to know someone who may be able to see habits or patterns you cannot see that prevent you from reaching your financial goals.

And please do not think that a Fee-Only financial planner will simply scold you. Clarity Financial Planning, LLC is an advocate for your financial future and takes a holistic approach to your needs and goals.