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Plan for the Future and Invest in the Moment

For some of us, the time leading up to Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is stressful. For others, it is a very busy and active time. Some of us spend so much of this time fretting or trying to accomplish tasks that we don’t really take time to be grateful. It is possible that the fretting is a way to avoid dissatisfaction with your current situation.

In a Forbes column on The Happy Habits of Appreciation and Gratitude,
you can find these words:

“We are so busy planning for the future that we are not aware of the present moment. Don’t get me wrong. …wealth management is based on the future-oriented thinking of making very small changes now to yield enormous gains over time…Future orientation means making your future-self happy. Actually being happy requires stopping every now and then to appreciate the moment your past-self helped to make reality.”

As you plan for the future, hoping that your investments bring big returns and saving for things to come, don’t forget that it was choices you’ve already made that have helped you arrive where you are now…even if you know that you want more.

As the Forbes columnist notes, you really should take a moment to appreciate what you have already done to secure your financial future. If your retirement planning is on track and you know you are doing things now that will help you as you age, be grateful. If you haven’t saved and invested as you would like, you can be grateful for work that will help you do more of that in the future.

If you spend each part of the rest of the year preparing for the next part of for the future, you will miss enjoying what you currently have. If you spend Thanksgiving getting ready for a later holiday and then spend that time getting ready for the new year, you might miss out. Don’t forget that that purpose of financial planning is the get the most out of your life. Invest some time in the moment.