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On Vacation? Let Your Worries Loose, Not Your Wallet

vacationConventional wisdom says that vacation is the time to let loose and while your Fee-Only financial planner doesn’t want to spoil your fun, he or she might caution you to not let too much money loose. Whether you’ve saved for a vacation or just decide you need a break, you don’t want to return from your vacation with serious regrets.

Going away for a break leads to temptation. When you have booked a discounted flight or found inexpensive accommodations, you may feel like it’s okay to treat yourself to dining in expensive restaurants each night or shopping a lot more than you would at home. Being away may seem like a great excuse to splurge because you deserve it but we would like to present a counter argument: living and vacationing within your means is not exciting but you should do just that because you’re worth it.

Rather than going on a trip and spending money like it doesn’t matter, try to return from your trip with more peace of mind than trinkets. Take heed of another piece of conventional wisdom: you are more likely to treasure your vacation experiences and time spent unwinding than you are to treasure any objects you buy.

On, Jeff Spears wrote about the impact of taking some time to unplug:

“Without the daily urgency to react to the digital fire hose, my mind and heart wandered to the places it needed to go.

That was pleasant enough.  Equally as refreshing was the reminder that the world didn’t stop when I turned off my phone. My stocks and investments were still there. So was my company.”

Spending some time truly relaxing is a great investment in you. And setting spending limits for your vacation will mean that you can keep that vacation glow for a little while longer once you return home.

A Fee-Only financial planner can help you get your finances in order so that you can take that trip of a lifetime or have enough room in your budget for last-minute getaways.