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National Insurance Awareness Day

MP900315542National Insurance Awareness Day is June 28 and while it is not an official holiday on the calendar and it does not seem very festive, any reminder to take stock of your resources and examine your total financial outlook is welcome. Most of us have some kind of insurance but many do not consider exactly what we’re paying and what is covered until we face some kind of crisis. At that time, we may be unhappy to discover that we do not have the coverage we actually need.

For example, do you know what kind of natural disasters (if any) are covered by your home insurance? Whether you rent or own, it is important to carry insurance on your home. While many know that homeowners insurance is necessary, some may think that renters insurance is not.
Most renters insurance policies are not burdensome and can make all the difference in your life should you find that your belongings are damaged while live in a place that you do not own.

We’ve listed some other types of insurance that you may have questions about below:

Car Insurance: I have car insurance but do I have enough of the right kind? Sometimes people find themselves in financial peril because they have a high deductible or opt only for one type of coverage, such as liability.

Health Insurance: Which health insurance plan suits my situation? Do I really need dental and vision coverage? Although you may have health insurance through an employer, it may be not be easy to choose among your options.

Life Insurance: Do I need life insurance? Are the policies I see in TV commercials really worth the money? Can I just use the no-cost life insurance provided by your financial institution or do I need to purchase another policy?

Long-Term Care Insurance: Is long-term care insurance necessary? Won’t my regular insurance cover me if I need long-term care? At what age should I purchase a long-term care insurance policy?

A Fee-Only financial planner can help you review your insurance policies to see how they fit in with your financial planning overview and suggest where you may need more or less coverage.