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Give Thanks To and For Your Professional Contacts

While we are encouraged to think of all we are grateful for at Thanksgiving, you may limit that gratitude to your personal connections but you don’t have to. In addition to thanking family and friends, you can also find ways to reach out to the people in your professional life as well.

In “The Power of Gratitude,” a Forbes contributor writes about expressing gratitude to co-workers and clients and how that can help you in your career. So as you are making your plans for what you want to do an achieve in the coming year, don’t forget to be grateful for and consider the ways that the people around you have helped you get to where you are:

“The trick to a gratitude practice is that you don’t wait for the people around you to do something to be worthy of gratitude. Instead, you push yourself to look around and be grateful for what the people around you have done.”

And  another Forbes article, This Thanksgiving, Tell Your Network ‘Thank You,”  poses the question, “When was the last time you thanked anyone in your professional network?” It is a reminder not just to thank people when you are job hunting but to find ways to keep in touch with people who have helped you along the way when you are not actively seeking work.

Some of the  advice in this article is tailored towards Baby Boomers but anyone can connect with someone to keep their network current. Suggestions include sending a handwritten note (preferable before a lot of other holiday greetings start to arrive), make a call to catch up, and inviting someone from your network out for coffee or a meal one-on-one, or if you feel it is appropriate invite a professional contact to a holiday party. 

Expressing gratitude to colleagues, clients, and professional contacts can boost morale and may also boost your earning power. It also paves the way for opportunities in the future.