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Get Help from a Fee-Only Financial Planner to Achieve Your Goals This Year

Dollar Bills and a Golden Egg in a NestSome people start a new year making lists and fine-tuning a lot of goals.  Meanwhile, others refuse to even contemplate making plans or setting goals for fear that they cannot see them through.  An alternative to either setting too many goals or setting none at all is to outline a few achievable goals and get support with making them reality. If getting your finances in order is one of your goals for the upcoming year, why not get some help from a fee-only financial planner?

Unlike financial planners who work for brokerages and insurance firms, a fee-only financial planner works for you. This means that a fee-only financial planner is free to make recommendations without having to be concerned with sales quotas or compensation risks. Fee-only financial planners adhere to strict codes of ethics and never benefit from recommending a particular product or service. You can feel much better knowing that the person who helps you manage your financial life is keeping your best interests in mind.

Each quarter, the Principal Financial Group surveys working and retired Americans for its Principal Financial Well-Being Index and one of last year’s surveys found that respondents who sought professional guidance were more likely to feel better:

“According to the findings, however, the future does not seem as bleak for Americans who seek the guidance of a financial advisor. Forty-six percent of workers who use an advisor were confident, very confident or extremely confident in their ability to achieve their dreams for their financial future, compared to only 32 percent of workers who do not use one.”

When you choose Claire Emory of Clarity Financial Planning, you get a partner in an all-inclusive approach to managing your journey towards financial independence. Claire looks at every aspect of your financial picture to keep track of your goals and make sure your investment and insurance choices protect you and will get you where you need to go.