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Galentine’s Day: Check in on Your Friends

The Wall Street Journal declared Nobody Likes Valentine’s Day Anymore.’ Retailers, Florists Cash In on ‘Galentine’s Day,’ a Ladies-Only Spin and if you are in a business that can profit from such a day, we hope you have already decided on and advertised your holiday specials. Galentine’s Day “officially” takes place on February 13 but as with unofficial things that spread by custom, some people will celebrate it on February 14 or any other day during the week of Valentine’s Day.

Whether or not you are able to profit from both Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day, we want to suggest that you use this as a time to check in with your friends and see how they are doing financially. Now we don’t suggest that you ask probing questions or embarrass anyone; we just know that when friends get together there may be a moment to bring up financial planning or estate planning. When you meet up for dinner, drinks, or brunch you can see how your friends are doing in this area of their lives, just as you would ask about other areas.

On the other hand, you may not even have to ask; your friends may drop hints. Discussing money can seem taboo or embarrassing. Many of us are hesitant to ask how our friends are doing financially and this is understandable. However, we also tend to ignore when our friends choose to talk about money. No matter what your friend says, be supportive. It can be valuable to listen and respond in a supportive way if a friend owns up to financial difficulties.

If you have done some estate planning or financial planning, there is nothing wrong with sharing that. You do not have to force anyone to do the same but mentioning it can give your friends some food for thought.