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Finding Success in Entertainment and Entrepreneurship

Photo by Christina @ for Unsplash

The Latin Way saluted women entrepreneurs who are either from Latin America or of Latin descent in “The most successful Latina entrepreneurs.”  Many of the women mentioned are known as entertainers but they have also had success in business.

Columbia’s Sofia Vergara is known for her work on the televisions show Modern Family. She also is the co-founder of Latin World Entertainment (LWE), a company that focuses on production and marketing. It is a top-tier talent management agency for Latin performers. Vergara not only appears before the camera herself; she also helps to give others that same opportunity.

Mexican actor Salma Hayek has appeared in film and on television shows. She also co-founded two companies that focus on wellness.  Food Brands Cooler Cleanse offers organic juices while Blend It Yourself offers smoothies that can customers can either drink or put on their faces as a mask.

Latin American actor Jessica Alba has had great success with The Honest Company. She started with environmentally friendly baby products and then the company expanded to offer beauty products and an array of household goods.

Mexican-born Kat von D left school at 16 to become a tattoo artist. She has appeared on reality shows. The attention she gained from reality TV, was useful when she decided to launch her own brand of makeup with Sephora.

One important lesson to learn from most of these women in business is the idea of having different streams of income.  When times are tough, it helps to have income from more than once source. When times are good, you can enjoy or save the surplus. Rather than solely rely on the entertainment industry to earn a living, these women took their money and invested it in businesses. You may or may not want to start a business because being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. However, you can invest your money and a Fee-only financial planner can help.