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Financial Literacy: Money Management and Retirement Planning


In “15 ways financial decisions cost us,” describes someone that may sound a lot like you:

“…you sweat over how to pay the bills, keep a roof over your head and maybe set aside a few bucks for a retirement that seems to recede further in the distance with every birthday you celebrate.” Perhaps for you, financial planning involves just making it until your next paycheck and you are unaware of how you could make better use of your resources. turned to the National Bureau of Economic Research and their investigation into behavioral economics to demonstrate why we need to educate ourselves more in order to reach our elusive retirement goals:

  • Those who are more financially literate are also more likely to undertake retirement planning, and those who plan also accumulate more wealth.”
  • “Even just learning about the concept of compound interest produces a sizeable increase in pension contributions.”

While you are running on a bill-paying treadmill trying not to pass out, you may not be aware of how a lack of financial knowledge allows money to leak from your budget on a regular basis. Without knowing it you may be paying higher fees that you have to for pension accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards.

The National Bureau of Economic Research acknowledges, “…the decision-making landscape to prepare for retirement is particularly challenging.” You don’t have to figure it all out on your own; don’t let pride keep you from seeking guidance in managing your money.

Investing the time and money to work with a Fee-Only financial advisor can help you avoid costly pitfalls. Claire Emory,  MBA, CFA, CFP will keep your big picture in mind and will make sure that you attend to important details that affect your financial future. She values the trust that clients place in her and will work tirelessly to make your goals a reality.