Claire works with women and men, couples and families, and all clients who want to keep their financial house in order for their future and for their loved ones.

Fee-Only Financial Planning Services

Fee-Only Financial Planning with Claire Emory

Claire Emory of Clarity Financial Planning is a Fee-Only financial advisor trusted by savvy women, men, and families in the Washington DC Metro Area. Claire will guide you along the path to financial independence and help ensure that you can provide for yourself and the people you love.

A member of the highly regarded Alliance of Cambridge Advisors (ACA), a national network of Fee-Only financial advisors, Claire gives guidance grounded in a holistic approach to your financial future. She looks at every aspect of your financial picture to keep track of your goals and make sure your investment and insurance choices protect you and will get you where you need to go. Being part of the ACA also gives Claire access to other trustworthy, experienced professionals who support her work by sharing knowledge about their fields of expertise.

Fee-Only Financial Planning Is the Wave of the Future

Fee-Only financial advisors take an ethical, all-inclusive approach to your financial future. They are without commission-related conflicts of interest and dedicated to providing you with options and opportunities that are the right fit for your needs. Fee-Only financial advisors subscribe to the highest fiduciary standards and are required by regulators to put the interests of their clients first.

The ACA provides a value-driven professional network promoting the highest standards among Fee-Only financial advisors. Members are required to continually update their professional knowledge, and the network also gives Claire access to proven educational materials for clients. Members of the ACA network support one another by sharing deep and specialized knowledge with their peers and freely providing information that allows advisors to serve their clients more effectively. The network also gives Clarity Financial access to sophisticated spreadsheets and other tools to analyze client financials according to their needs and goals.