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Count Yourself Fortunate If You Can Shop This Holiday Season

Even with a pandemic putting a damper on big shopping events, people are still getting ready to spend this winter holiday season. Some may still be going out to big box stores or small independent stores, while others may be ready to shop at home using their computer or cellphone.

Every year we caution you not to overspend and this year is no different. If you are not too busy with food preparation before Thanksgiving, take the time to take an inventory of what you already have. This will not only keep you from buying more things you may not want or need; it will also remind you of how many items and resources are already at your fingertips. It is easy for us to forget how much we already have. And while there is something to be said for having duplicates for often used items, many of us are simply storing things we are not likely to use.

As far as gift giving goes, we know that people who are not going to see loved ones are more likely to send gifts. You may even feel like you want to spend more than you usually do because you cannot be there in person. 

According to’s economic forecasts,” COVID-19 Surge Boosts E-commerce, Hurts In-store Sales and Restaurants.” That news may make you anxious or relaxed if you work in one of those areas. As a consumer we would caution you to consider how you spend if you have money to spare.  If you have money to spend, consider spending it some of it with small, locally owned businesses that need more sales to stay afloat. You will be putting money directly into your local economy and improving the economic outlook right where you live. Count yourself fortunate if you can help a small business this holiday season.