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Consider Famous Women Financial Advisors as Role Models

March is Women’s History Month and in the past we’ve discussed famous historical women in finance like Hetty Green and Abigail Adams who may serve as role models. It is also important to highlight contemporary women who have made their mark in the financial world.

Last year Investopedia published a list of famous female financial advisors and noted, “Although most famous women financial advisors aren’t well known in celebrity circles, their accomplishments are noteworthy.”

You may already know of Suze Orman and Mellody Hobson, the first two women on the Investopedia list, but the other four may be less familiar.

  • In 2016, Karen McDonald of Morgan Stanley had “$21.2 billion assets under management” and Susan Kaplan, president of Kaplan Financial Services,  had “$1.4 billion.
  • Gillian Yu of Morgan Stanley Securities also several billion dollars under management and is able to work with international clients because of her fluency in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese.
  • Elaine Meyers, another women with billions under management and was “third on the prestigious 2013 list of top female financial advisors.”

Two years ago, Investopedia asked and answered its own question about women in finance in “Why Are So Few Women in Finance? It’s Complicated” and highlighted Girls Who Invest,  “a nonprofit organization founded with an ambitious mission that by 2030, 30% of the world’s capital will be managed by women.”

Even if you don’t want a career in finance, you can change the world by being an example in managing your own finances and encouraging the women and girls in your life to do the same.

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