Wealth is about more than your portfolio; it is about mindset, decision making, insurance needs and plans.

Client Success Story with a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Wouldn’t You Rather Learn from Someone Else’s Financial Mistake?

Claire knows about the mistakes some women make when it comes to managing their finances because those women have turned to her after the fact for help and support.

One Woman’s Story

Lisa lost her husband and continued to trust his long-time financial advisor to help her take care of her family. Unfortunately, the trust was misplaced. The Commission-Based advisor did not adjust his aggressive approach to buying and selling stocks approved by her late husband to reflect the needs of a widow without a job who was raising small children. By the time she turned to Claire, trading fees and losses had piled up and Liz was under a lot of unnecessary stress in her time of mourning. If her husband’s Commission-Based advisor had looked at the big picture and adjusted her financial plan to meet her family’s current needs, she could have saved a lot of money. If he had explained the implications of her husband’s choices, Lisa would have had an opportunity to make more informed decisions.

Claire helped Lisa allocate her remaining assets more sensibly, update her insurance policies to protect her children, and gain a new sense of financial control and well-being. All the while she offered clear explanations to help Lisa make better decisions, but she dropped the advanced financial jargon so that Lisa could make sense of her options more easily.

Obviously one woman’s story doesn’t mean that all Fee-Based or Commission-Based planners are unscrupulous or inattentive, but it does point out the potential conflicts of interest that you can avoid with a Fee-Only financial planner like Claire who always takes your changing life circumstances into account and cares that you understand enough to make good choices.

When it comes to your financial future, you can learn from other people’s mistakes and start by putting your trust in a system that rewards financial advisors who do good work—Fee-Only financial planning. Next, it pays to carefully consider the motivations, character, and qualifications of the Fee-Only planner you choose to trust with your financial future, and then give Claire a call.