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Build Your Financial Planning Resolve

Resolutions can be useful but you would to much better to build your financial planning resolve with new money management habits. The Motley Fool offers advice to help, however you may not want to tackle all of these things at once, lest you become overwhelmed. A Fee-Only financial planner cannot do all the work of straightening out your finances but working with one can help you prioritize what areas of your financial live you need to tackle first.  General financial advice can be useful but you may still need help with prioritizing and planning.

Some of us need to get more organized:

Does this apply to you?

“Have you ever missed a payment because you forgot when it was due, or lost an important receipt you needed for a tax deduction? Being disorganized can cost you money and time.”

  • Set up  automatic deductions and transfers.
  • Figure out which money management apps work for you.
  • If paperwork piles up, “toss out old statements and digitize new ones.”

Some of us need to plan our spending:

  • There are people who can outline their spending on a spreadsheet and people who work better with estimates.
  • Instead of resolving to stick to a budget, resolve to find a way to manage spending that works for you. You may need to try several methods until you find one that works for you.

Some of us need to focus on debt:

  • Figure out all that you owe because it is easy to ignore debt when you aren’t  fully aware of it.
  • Work on a debt repayment plan that involves more than making minimum payments.
  • Research if consolidation would be beneficial for you.

The article notes that a lot of people in the U.S. are overburdened with debt while at the same time observing that some people would do better to invest than to pay off mortgage debt early. It is hard to know which area of your financial outlook needs the most attention and this is why you may want to seek the expertise of a Fee-Only financial planner.