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Budgeting for Summer Fun

vacationIn addition to being a day to honor those who have served our country in the armed forces and have passed on, Memorial Day has also become a kind of unofficial start to summer.

We congratulate you if you have already budgeted for your summer fun and your ongoing responsibilities—now you have to work with your budget and any unexpected expenses. If you have not, consider taking some time to outline just where your money will go this summer.

Gas, Tolls, and Airfare, Oh My…Each time there is a three-day weekend and at the start of the summer travel season, we see a lot in the news about gas prices. If you can afford to travel, you should take a break but you have to think about making adjustments if your travel expenses look to be more than anticipated. This may mean packing food to take on the road instead of stopping. It could mean staying one night less. Or, you could find that you are able to take more time away and even buy extra souvenirs. The point is not to hit the road or hop on a plane without some idea of how much you can afford to spend while you are away.

In-town Treats Some of us find ways to treat ourselves all year long…and some of us are especially likely to spend more when the weather is warm. If you know that more sun makes it easier to part with your money, try to get ahead of yourself with some financial planning. If you have to make an ice cream budget, then do it. If you know that every outdoor fair or event brings temptation to overspend, limit yourself to a certain amount of cash, eat before you go, or if necessary, skip a few outdoor events and go to the park instead.