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Are Free Outdoor Movies Really Free?

CB057409Working with a Fee-Only financial advisor means having someone to help you make the best use of your resources. Many of us have ineffective spending and saving habits that we cling to because we don’t reevaluate them often enough.

To illustrate, let’s look at outdoor summer movies:

It’s summertime and many cities offer free movies outside. Years ago when they first started doing this, it seemed like a great idea: you could bring your own food and enjoy a film with family and friends. The opportunity to enjoy the weather and socialize are good reasons to watch an outdoor movie, but the prime motivating factor for many people was the fact that the movies were free.

Fast-forward a few years—instead of just having a few places to watch summer movies, some cities offer lots of movies in different areas, so they aren’t as rare as they once were. I’ve heard people who were happy to spread out a blanket to see a film a few years ago now say that they don’t enjoy sitting on the ground. These people also now tend to say that sometimes they don’t enjoy the crowds at these movies as much. Or, that while they used to be able to ignore the bugs, the bugs now bother them. Some have realized that the effort and resources they invest in driving (and parking) or taking public transportation to a free outdoor movie doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

Despite enjoying outdoor summer movies less, some still go. Others who used to enjoy free outdoor movies still enjoy them and can’t see why someone would pass up such an opportunity.

Just as your overall life is likely to change, you also need to consider that your financial life will change. The investments and investment strategy you once used may not fit anymore. Your goals may change, either because you’ve changed or because your circumstances are different. Rather than continuing along the same path, seek the help of an objective  Fee-Only financial planner who can help you see where adjustments will help.