Defining your own financial freedom will help you be more comfortable about retirement and the possibilities of creating the life you want.

Clarity Financial Planning Operates on Principles

Clients Come First

Clarity Financial Planning does not sell any financial products or receive any commissions, so you pay only for financial advice that benefits you and the ones you love.

Clarity Financial Planning Will Be There for You

Your annual retainer fee to Clarity Financial covers several in-person meetings as well as unlimited phone and email support when you need it. You’ll never have trouble getting Claire’s personalized attention, and you can rest assured that she will be available to guide you through tough decisions when you need her.

A Holistic Approach is Best for Your Financial Well-being

Whether your finances are relatively simple or highly complex, Claire will evaluate all aspects of your current situation as she guides you towards your goals. Financial security often rests on small details, and you can relax while Claire keeps the big picture in mind and pays exceptional attention to the details. You’ll have a long-term partner in Clarity Financial Planning; your work together will help you prepare for your journey and put you on the path to financial independence in the future.

You Deserve Value for Your Money

From fee structure to wide-ranging expertise, Clarity Financial is committed to protecting your assets—and that includes providing you with value every step of the way. Many people reach out to Clarity Financial after feeling dismissed or talked-down to, especially by Fee-Based and Commission-Based advisors. Respecting you, your time, and your intelligence is part of Claire’s promise to you and an important way Clarity Financial Planning provides value to clients. An educated, all-inclusive approach and respect right from the start are key reasons that successful professional women trust Claire with their financial future every day.