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A Scarcity Mindset Could Ruin Thanksgiving

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have seen the reports about how Thanksgiving celebrations this year will suffer because of scarcity and higher prices. At the beginning of November there were news stories about how shoppers probably wouldn’t be able to find the products they want for their holiday dinner. Then came the stories about how whatever you could find would be more expensive. Not to mention, the higher cost of traveling…

Rather than fret over what you may not have this Thanksgiving, why not think about what you do have? Yes, the idea of giving thanks is right in the name of the holiday but it can be tough to remember gratitude if your finances have taken a hit. Even if you are not particularly worried about money, you may want to feel the comfort of knowing that this year you can have all the things you usually have for Thanksgiving.

The Money After Graduation website defines a scarcity mindset as ‘…the persistent belief that you do not have enough.”  Adding: “A scarcity complex about money will cause a lot of anxiety about everything from budgeting to saving. It’s also likely to worry you every single day. Not only is this uncomfortable, it actually prevents you from focusing on long-term financial goals. You don’t think beyond meeting your immediate needs, and as a result, long-term plans fall by the wayside.”

This is not about “preaching” gratitude from a moral high ground or demanding that people be happy no matter what is happening in their lives. There are very practical ramifications when you worry constantly. It affects your health and your ability to function well on a daily basis.

This Thanksgiving you can remember what you do have and consider how you can find ways to manage your money better. If you do not have any kind of plans in place, a Fee-Only financial planner can help.