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A Fee-Only Financial Planner Can Help You Invest in Yourself

A Fee-Only financial planner can help you with investments but first you have to make an investment in yourself and your future.  Before you delve into stocks and dividends and learn the language of financial markets, you may need to unlearn some of your negative beliefs about money.

Financial planning is more than money and numbers; it is about gaining perspective and understanding that it is necessary to commit time and energy to grow your money.

According to,

“It is important to understand the reasons why you have avoided financial planning in the past (resistance) because these reasons will come up again as you proceed…”

The website has a chart of with some of the thoughts people have that keep them from doing all they can to make the most of their money and counters these thoughts with new beliefs.

For example, if you have thought “I will start a financial plan when I have some money,” points out that you might consider that “I need to plan to have money.”  Or if you think that emergencies rob you of your money, instead you might consider that not planning ahead for the unforeseen is really where the issue lies since no one can guarantee a life free of the unexpected.

And if you think that you really just do not have the time to invest in your own financial future, you will have to work to adapt a new mindset because as far as you know, When you are continually working to make more money, it is not easy to imagine that perhaps your money could do some of the work for you. Investments are not just for the super-rich; anyone can find a way to invest some of his or her money and reap the rewards of financial planning.

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