Clarity Financial Planning Specializes in Fee-Only Financial Planning

If you’re looking for a financial advisor who will put your needs ahead of commissions, never talk down to you, and keep you on the right financial track, look no further. Claire Emory, MBA, CFP, CFA, founded Clarity Financial Planning, LLC for people just like you.

Working for You

Many people, women especially, have been put down and put off by the old boys’ commission-based brokerage network that long dominated financial advising. But we’re living in different times, and as a successful professional, you should expect more from financial advisors who have the privilege of working with you and your money.

Achieving Your Goals

Life can be complicated and your finances can be too, but not to worry. Claire will keep things as simple as possible.Claire takes an all-inclusive approach to your situation and goals, understanding your need for financial security and independence as well as the happiness that comes from knowing that you and your family have options for the future.

About Claire

Claire is a Fee-Only financial planner serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, and she works for you. Not for commissions and not for a brokerage house. Fee-Only financial planning is the wave of the future, and Clarity Financial is on the cutting edge in many ways. With an all-inclusive approach to your financial well-being and the skills to explain the important bits clearly, Clarity Financial is known for a woman-friendly atmosphere filled with compassion and communication.

Bringing clarity to your finances requires an advisor who pays attention to all aspects of your financial life, has excellent communication skills, and has the commitment to be available when you need advice and support. Your needs come first when you work with Clarity Financial Planning, and you can expect unbiased advice on all aspects of your financial situation when you enter into a long-term relationship focused on protecting your assets and guiding you towards the future you deserve.

Clarity Financial Planning serves Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland.